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Rome is a bustling, vibrant metropolis of one of Europe's great cities that effortlessly pairs history having contemporary style. It is the city where Julius Caesar ruled, ancient gladiators fought and where Fellini created “La Dolce Vita.” As much as an open-air museum as a city, Rome is where past meets present. The most impressive building is the Pantheon, the ancient temple renovated in the 2nd century to honor all pagan gods competition is fierce of the city's beauty. Still as awe-inspiring today as it was upon construction nearly 2,000 years ago, the temple's design draws your eyes up to its magnificent dome, the largest ever made until the 20th century. The city is having the  showcase square, the quintessentially Roman with its crowded street level cafes of  the Piazza Navona, street performances and rust-hued houses lined with wrought-iron balconies. At the center of the square lies the extravagant Fountain of the Four Rivers. Carved by Bernini in 1651, the fountain depicts the Danube, Nile, Plata and Ganges rivers. The city's most famous and largest fountain, the Trevi Fountain is a flamboyant depiction of Neptune's chariot and the moods of the sea. A 1st-century BC aqueduct is the water's source, and the name is a reference to the three roads that meet at the fountain. If you fall in love with the Eternal City, toss a coin in the fountain. Legend says that those who do will one day return to Rome.

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