Breast Lesions

At the point when this injury creates in the breast tissues, they are alluded to as breast sores. Breast injuries as a rule come as knots or swellings in or around the breast territory, and they are much of the time felt amid a self breast examination or when analyzed by a doctor. A few injuries, be that as it may, might be available yet not felt. These are called non-substantial injuries, and they are for the most part identified amid a screening mammogram test, which is more similar to a x-beam of the breast. The typical bosoms have different sorts of tissues with various textures. One kind of tissue found in the breast is the glandular tissue, which is nodular and firm to the touch.


  • Apocrine
  • Adenosis
  • Hyperplasia
  • Epithelial lesions
  • Sclerosis

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