Breast Imaging Dosimetry

Different endeavors have been made to infer a dosage estimation that properly measures the vitality consumed by the radiosensitive tissue in the breast. It is currently realized that this radiosensitive tissue is the dynamic glandular tissue. A portion of the dosimetric measures that have been utilized as a part of the past are skin-entrance dosage, mid- breast measurement and aggregate vitality granted to the breast.28,50 All of these estimations have not enough evaluated the measurements consumed by the tissue at hazard. Today, normal glandular dosage (AGD) is utilized as a measure of the measurement to the tissue at risk.50 However, an in-vivo estimation of the mean glandular measurements is not practical.

  • Current mammography dosimetry
  • Heterogeneously-layered breast 
  • More accurate estimation of MGD
  • Dedicated breast CT
  • Tomosynthesis

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