Breast Cancer Prevention and Control

WHO advances breast tumor control inside the setting of complete national malignancy control programs that are incorporated to noncommunicable illnesses and other related issues. Far reaching growth control includes anticipation, early identification, analysis and treatment, recovery and palliative care.
Raising overall
population mindfulness on the breast tumor issue and the instruments to control and also upholding for fitting arrangements and projects are key procedures of populace based breast malignancy control. Some low-and center wage nations confront now a twofold weight of breast and cervical malignancy which speak to top growth executioners in ladies more than 30 years of age. These nations need to actualize joined procedures that address both general medical issues in a viable and proficient way.

  • Prevention
  • Early detection
  • Early diagnosis
  • Mammography screening
  • Breast self examination 
  • Clinical Breast Examination

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